Miami – Outdoor movies & swing dancing

A land of beaches, parties, and endless summer.

Song Recommendation – The Beach Boys – Kokomo

Sorry to spoil the illusion, but I’ve already made it back to New Zealand. I got a little behind with this thing, and am just getting time to catch up on it now.
Miami is great. A land of beaches, parties, and endless summer.

One of the first tourist activities I did in Miami was to go on a boat tour. The tour showed off some of the expensive celebrity properties, and also gave us great views of the city.
I found a Couchsurfing event watching an outdoor movie called “Victor, Victoria” starring Julie Andrews. It was hilarious. It’s about a woman pretending to be a man impersonating a woman, definitely worth the watch.

The following day I visited Miami beach, where I listened to Kokomo while I walked down the white sand strip. It was a bit less peaceful than the beaches in New Zealand, with every couple of meters being crowded by a bunch of loungers, and umbrellas.

I forgot to take a photo here so you’re just going to have to use your imagination.

Someone at the Couchsurfing meet-up told us about a French music/swing dance event happening the next night. I went along, and attempted (and failed) to learn how to swing dance (no video attached).

My Airbnb host also ran a few tours. I went along to his Wynwood Walls tour. There we visited a few breweries, saw a lot of the great street art which decorates the area, and then later grabbed some of the fantastic food at the 1-800LUCKY Asian food hall.
I also spent a day visiting the Everglades, which were stunning.
DSC_0011DSC_0952We even managed to spot a gator.DSC_0998My time in Florida was not over. After a few days of Miami I headed over to Orlando, the home of theme parks.