Bozeman – Yellowstone Country

A visit to Jellystone (Yellowstone) National Park :).

Song Recommendation – S. Carey – Yellowstone or Colors of the Wind
Just over two years ago I bought a National Geographic magazine. Of all the magazines on offer I chose the NatGeo solely because it had a cool cover. Printed in bold letters on the front was the word of the week, “Yellowstone”.

Who said ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’?

Please tell me, I legitimately don’t know.

Jump forward eighteen months. I was bored. I harnessed that boredom and binge watched the Netflix “Yellowstone” documentary, and it was epic.

Another Yellowstone documentary followed. I was hooked.

It wasn’t till later that I decided to make this U.S.A trip. I decided early on that  Yellowstone was a must see.

I did my research, found the right flights, psyched myself up, and then finally the day had arrived.

I flew into a place called Bozeman, Montana. Every year Yellowstone gets a huge amount of snow, which blankets buries parts of the park, making some places inaccessible.

As it was spring and some snow had not yet melted, parts of the park were still closed. That meant the most logical way to get into the park was via the North entrance/and the newly opened West entrance. Bozeman was the closest airport to these. I was joined again by my friend Jon.

There were some issues with my travel insurance not covering driving. This meant Jon became the designated driver for trip, and I became the designated DJ. I of course included Pocahontas’ Colors of the Wind, American Pie, and many other classic American hits :).

I recommend renting a car to visit Yellowstone, as most of the tour companies charge ridiculous rates, and a rental car ends up being much cheaper.

Once we were in the park I fished something out of my bag, something that had been there for over two months.
Yes, I took that NatGeo with me :).

I found this awesome blog, by a photographer who takes a lot of photos in the park (and who also gave me some advice on what to see in the park). You should definitely check it out:

We spent three days touring the park, and managed to see most animals, bar one, moose.

There were literally tons of Bison.
Bighorn sheep
We took a day off and went to the Montana Grizzly Encounter, where we got to see some captive bears.20180428_142754
We bought bear spray before we entered the park on the first day (it’s basically pepper spray for bears), thankfully it was not needed. We did managed to see one wild bear, although it was from quite a distance.
DSC_0477It was a great time of year to see the park, with smaller crowds, and plenty of animals out.

We spent forever (it felt like an eternity) waiting for a geyser Old Faithful to erupt. Thankfully it was faithful, and eventually erupted (yes, even I cringed writing that).
Old Faithful Geyser (above). There was plenty of geothermic activity throughout the park. Grand Prismatic Spring (below).
Mammoth Hot Springs (above).DSC_0639
Whenever we saw a small crowd we would rock over and see what was happening. Many folks would have serious gear with telescopes and giant camera lenses. I would often go over and they would let me have a go with their telescopes, then I would try and find the same spot with my camera, but sometimes it was so far away I could only get a blur.

These are Mountain goats, I swear, a lady with a telescope found them for us. It was super far away, hence the poor quality (also note Mountain goats are different to the regular goats above – google them).
I also learnt that the locals called coyotes kai-oats, instead of the usual kai-oat-tee that I was used to. We were lucky to run into one on the way back from Old Faithful.
Bozeman can boast that its service industry is on point. All the waiters, and waitresses (servers) were super nice. The food in Bozeman was fantastic too. It would have to be some of the best I’ve had in the U.S.A.

There was one instance where they forgot our order. A server came around, apologized and offered us something from the cabinet for free. I had been eyeing up the cabinet while waiting, and had already noticed that it all looked fantastic.

I know you’re supposed to do that polite thing where you refuse once or twice, say it’s fine, and then eventually cave and say you’ll take the free stuff, but in this instance I didn’t wait. Almost before she had finished speaking I was at the front of the cafe picking out something.

One night we went to see a comedian perform. We had driven past an advertisement a few times, and figured we may as well give it a go.
“Just so you’re aware this is a high school seniors project,” said the woman behind the desk.
We turned to each other and shrugged.

It didn’t say it was a high school student on the sign. . . What the heck, it was Bozeman, there was nothing else to do at night.

Even though the comedian was only a high school student, he was actually a pretty funny guy, although I did feel a bit creepy being at a high school show.

After our few days of exploring the park, our visit soon came to an end.
With Jellystone 🙂 explored, it was time to head to the City of Sin, Las Vegas.



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