Nashville – That time I left my number on a receipt

A visit to Music City.

Song recommendation – Anyone Who Knows What Love Is – Irma Thomas

I’ll tell y’all a secret. I don’t actually like country music. All that talk about pick up trucks (always driving stick), listening to the radio, or hanging out with your down to earth girl (also referred to as baby) is exhausting.


That doesn’t mean I didn’t like Nashville. In fact, it has made number three of my top five destinations to visit in the USA.

Ranked thus far:

  1. TBA 😉
  2. San Diego
  3. Nashville
  4. San Antonio
  5. Flagstaff

Why is that?

It seemed like something is always happening in Nashville. Do you want to see a live performance? Well, just head on down to the nearest bar/listening room.

I said I didn’t like country music though… So why would I go to Nashville?

Even though it’s not my favorite genre, I do find it quite tolerable, and I want the full USA experience, so of course I couldn’t miss out on music city.

So to fully immerse myself in Nashville I booked a ticket to see a show at the Grand Ole Opry. The Grand Ole Opry is a famous country music stage which has housed many famous acts over the years.



Bill Anderson
Steven Curtis Chapman (one I actually knew of)
Jeannie Seely (who co-wrote “Anyone Who Knows What Love Is” with Randy Newman)
Craig Morgan
Riders In The Sky (performers of “Woody’s roundup” from Toy Story 2)
Dailey & Vincent
Trace Adkins

My favorite – forgive the American spelling, it’s giving me red lines – performance of the night was when Jeannie Seely sang the song “Anyone Who Knows What Love Is”. She wrote the original song, the one that is featured on an episode of Black Mirror, and also the trailer for one of the Jurassic World movies, and it is amazing.


The whole show was fantastic. I loved the classic radio announcer introductions to each act, most of which included a sneaky advert for farm raised chicken. Classic Nashville.

One day in Nashville I went for lunch at a place called the Listening Room. As the name suggests, it was a listening room… Although it must have been a slow day, as for a while I was the only person in the restaurant. Which was a bit awkward, as there was a live performance happening. Given the intimate setting I thought I’d hit it off pretty well with one of the waitresses, so I left my number on the receipt (the coward move :p)…

Yeah, I’m never doing that again. If you were wondering, I’m still waiting for that call.

My other goal in Nashville was to visit a little place called the Bluebird Cafe. The cafe is featured prominently in the show Nashville, or so I was told. It was also the place where Taylor Swift, was ‘discovered’.


Seats are notoriously difficult to get, the online tickets sell out usually within minutes. So I headed down to wait in line three hours prior to the show, and luckily (I would’ve been super pissed if I hadn’t got a seat) managed to get in (I was twelfth in line). I doubt the twenty or so people behind me made it though.

The Line-up for that show:
Dave Turnbull
Mitch Rossell
Bryan Kennedy
and another guy who was the ‘special guest’ who I did not know, and whose name I cannot remember.

It was a tight squeeze in the old Bluebird. I was sitting with my back to the ‘In The Round’ performance, where all the artists sit in a circle and take turns playing songs. I was so close that had to move my chair because it was almost hitting one of the guys guitars (see hat behind me).


I left my last day in Nashville for some exploring. I visited the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum, checked out Nashville’s ‘Broadway’, and I also avoided leaving my number on receipts.


Fun fact, Nashville has a full scale replica, though it is concrete, of the Greek Parthenon.

Next came the big apple, New York City.

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