Downtime in Texas.

Song recommendation – So tied up – Cold War Kids

Travel isn’t always roses and buttercups. Sometimes you go to a place you’ve been looking forward to for a long time, but then you feel nothing.

Wasn’t I supposed to feel happy here? You think to yourself.

You give your camera to a stranger, pull a big grin, and then let the camera do the work. At least it’ll look like I’m having fun.

Just wanted to start with something deep and meaningful ;).

DSC_0106Above – an actual picture of me thinking deep thoughts. 

Though for Dallas I didn’t have any expectations, I just wanted to chill out post San Antonio.

I’ve clearly been spending too much time alone.

Dallas was my rest city. A time to take a break from tours, shows, and amusement parks. My plan was to eat, sleep, and chill out.



I’ve had my fair number of meals alone now, so I’m generally not fazed by the awkwardness. But because I’m sitting there, sometimes on my phone, sometimes staring blankly at the wall, and only very rarely making conversation with people around me, I have a lot of time to think.

DSC_0120One of my thoughts during this time, something that I find awkward and slightly humorous is putting a napkin on my lap while eating. I know it’s polite, but I feel so weird doing it. I know I’m not classy. A napkin in my lap just makes me feel super pretentious. Also I don’t want the poor waiter to have to dispose of my crotch contaminated napkin. Maybe it’s just me… 😀

My trip was a success – it was relaxed.

I went to the aquarium, hoping to see some hummingbirds in the aviary, unfortunately I didn’t see a single one! I saw a lot of fish though…

Other than that I went to the Dallas arboretum and botanical gardens, again hoping to catch sight of a hummingbird.

DSC_0094DSC_0096Not a single one.

Never mind.

Speaking of humming, and birds.DSC_0112Off to Nashville.






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