San Antonio – Something a bit different

I don’t want to put San Antonio down, but in truth I had a literal crap experience.

My trip to San Antonio started with a splash. I stood outside the airport using my phone to compare prices for an Uber versus a Lyft. But something wasn’t right. I felt a growl in my gut.

Hmm that’s weird,” I thought to myself.

I carried on my quest for a ride, well for a few seconds I did.

“Oh sh*t!” A feeling of urgency washed over me.

It was then that a stream of ‘crap’ began to plague my trip. It wasn’t till I left San Antonio, a few days later, that it all ended. Don’t worry, I made a mad dash back to the airport bathroom, making the latrine just in time!

On the bright side San Antonio was awesome.

I was greeted with a very chatty Italian driver, who when I asked what I should do in San Antonio aptly told me that I should “just go with the flow”. Little did he know that the flow was intermittently coming whether I wanted it to or not.

I did a wee tour of the San Antonio river walk, watched a movie about the battle of the Alamo, and then visited the Alamo itself.

For y’all who don’t know what the battle of the Alamo is, well basically it was the battle that led to Texas becoming independent from Mexico.
I can’t deny the pun in this photo. Pooh in San Antonio.

When I wasn’t feeling so bad I visited the Ripley’s believe it or not museum. Yes I know, I’m a public health nightmare.

While I was there I noticed this sign.



Maori Indians..? I wondered if I should correct them. If I missed a history lesson someone please call me out.



Poor planning meant I missed seeing my all time favorite band the Cold War Kids for free at the March Madness festival (they were playing the day after I left). Though in truth I probably wasn’t up for it.

I wish I could’ve stayed in San Antonio for a few more days, but unfortunately Dallas was calling.





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