Phoenix – not quite as cool as Flagstaff

It’s alright, I guess.

I couldn’t find much to do in Phoenix.

I mean there were a few museums, but that was about it.

I did the generic wander around the city, tried the dodgy light-rail system, and had some semi-decent Mexican food.

I feel like I should have taken a photo with a plate of tacos and put it here.

A lot of us have seen American movies which feature high energy games of baseball/football. Thus one of my goals for my trip was to see either/both of these. I needed the full American experience.

By a stroke of luck I found out that there was a baseball game on in the city during my stay. So I went and bought a ticket to the Arizona Diamondbacks vs. the Cleveland Indians.

20180326_184257It was just a training game, but it was still awesome. One thing that surprised me about baseball was how infrequently they actually hit the ball without it being a foul of some sort.

I’d been saving two important moments till this first sports game, a Budweiser, and my first giant salted pretzel.

The game had a healthy dose of cheesy mid-game fun. My favourite was the Simba Cam.

Note – not from actual game. Where parents would hold up their children like they were Rafiki holding up Simba from the start of The Lion King.

During one of these games, a kid in my section won us all free pizza which was great. It was a game where three children were dressed as hot dogs and they had to run frantically – as fast as they could – while people held them back.

The game over, after struggling to get an Uber/Lyft as a basketball game finished at the same time. I finally caught a ride. But something happened to the drivers app… dun dun dun… Thus I was the navigator from the back, in a city I didn’t know. Five stars?…

I spent a morning in Scottsdale (the fancy area of the city) half-heartedly walking around stores. The area was nice enough.

Then I met a guy from the same church as myself, we went for a game of pool and some drinks. We met up a few days later for a hike around one of the parks that borders the city. Here I got the classic man stands in desert with a two armed cactus in background photo that I had been waning to get while I was in the desert.


DSC_0087Then after another drink and meal with a new friend I said my goodbyes to little old Phoenix and headed east to Texas.

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