Flagstaff, Arizona

Why everyone should go to Flagstaff.

I’ll let the pictures carry this one.

This little city is packed full of character, and its a great base to tour some of the USA’s most iconic sights.

Have you ever seen that desktop picture on Windows? You know, the one with the smooth orange rock. It looks something like this.



Well that’s Antelope canyon. And that, my friends is why I wanted to visit Flagstaff, Arizona.

And remarkably it is not the only thing around. There’s also Sedona, a giant meteor crater, the Navajo reservation, Monument valley, and the grand canyon all within driving distance.

This is a pre – Phoenix to Arizona – shuttle Starbucks coffee (I caved and bought another).


Pen… This is legit.

My Airbnb in Flagstaff was pretty interesting. It was complete with laundry chutes, an insanely creaky floor, and a bath/shower surrounded by a curtain that hugged you (from all sides) as you bathed.

Despite all this it was actually it was a cool place with a damn comfortable memory foam mattress. And it was just a short walk away from the train station, restaurants, and the tour guide place! I didn’t need to Uber/Lyft once in Flagstaff.

My first tour was of Horseshoe bend/Antelope canyon. The guide did well with plentiful dry ‘dad’ jokes, a ton of snack food, and a good set of stories to pull us through the day.





Antelope canyon was this crazy slot canyon a couple of meters into the ground. A tour guide took us through, even showing us where to get the same photo that they took for Windows 8 and Windows 10.


After a pretty full day of touring I kind of just wanted to rest. But day two was for the unmissable Monument valley.

Monument valley is where they’ve filmed a lot of movies, mostly westerns, but also a few others (one of the Back to the Future movies, a shot from Forrest Gump etc.)




(The above photo might seem more impressive if it was shot from the side – see below)


By the end of the second day I was spent. Two great days though! Would definitely recommend!

It was time to expire, and then rise again in Phoenix.

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