Denver & the Rockies

Song recommendation – John Denver – Rocky Mountain High

No trip to Denver would be complete without visiting the Rocky Mountain National Park. I’d heard it was stunning, and that the views rivaled those of Yosemite.


Better than Yosemite? I’d scoffed internally when I’d heard that. Yosemite valley was one of the most amazing sights I’d ever seen, and it would take one damn nice national park to beat that.

I had a day to kill before my tour which I filled with walking, Voodoo Donuts, McDonald’s, and the Nature and Science Museum.

DSC_0663Ai Weiwei’s Circle of Animals/Zodiac heads (above). Capitol Building (below).DSC_0670

New Zealand needs to step up its museum game. The Nature and Science Museum was lit (I think this means cool in young person language).

New Zealand only really has native birds, so any dioramas we do have in museums are super boring.

If anyone is unaware of what a diorama is, probably because you were looking at one filled with birds, and you fell asleep because it was so boring. Its just a model with some sort of scene playing out e.g. behind glass – a group of stuffed deer stand looking around at the fake trees.

Speaking of scenes, and just to jump back in time a bit, the night prior I attended a improv comedy night at the Bovine Metropolis Theater. They run shows almost every night and are definitely worth checking out if you end up in Denver.

Being organized I arrived thirty minutes early to get my ticket.

“Do you have any tickets left?” I asked the woman at the desk.
“We do. It’s actually started so I’ll have to escort you in” she said putting my money in the till and handing me a ticket.
“Oh? Okay,” I said. I was a little confused and irritated that they’d advertised the wrong time, but still followed her in and took a seat.

In the car to the museum the next day (an Uber pool – Uber but with other randoms) a girl jumped in and said “good afternoon” as she was pulling on her seat belt. It’s only 11:30 love I thought, inwardly rolling my eyes. It wasn’t till I arrived at the museum that I realized my mistake.

Why is the clock wrong? I thought as I collected my ticket. Suddenly I had an epiphany. I pulled out my phone, searched Google, and realized I had been living in the past for the last almost 24 hrs.

That’s one travel lesson I’ll never forget. Even though I said nothing – I’m sorry improv ticket lady, and I’m sorry “good afternoon” Uber girl.

The Rocky Mountain tour was the next day. The tour group was relatively small with just seven of us in a minivan.

It wasn’t long before we started chatting. Having been in a tour bus of 41 people to visit Yosemite, it was much nicer with the smaller group.

Because it was a small group, because the driver was cool, and because one of my fellow travellers suggested it, we took a bit of a detour and went out to the park via the Red Rocks Amphitheater.

The amphitheater has been cut into the rock, and many famous faces have graced its stage from The Beatles to U2.

After checking out the amphitheater we continued out to the national park where majestic rock formations protrude out between the ponderosa pines and aspen stands.


We did manage to see some wildlife, catching sight of bison, a few herds of elk and of some mule deer. We even had some snow.



“So do you have a blog or something for you travels?” I was asked during the trip.

I told them that I did, and they promised to make it viral ;), then I had to explain the reasoning behind the name.

“Tomato sauce is life, and also a life source ;), for me anyway”.


It was actually an awesome day (as good as Yosemite!), with an awesome group of people, definitely becoming one of the highlights of my trip so far.




My first attempt at a group photo didn’t turn out so well (just a boring background), but the second one is awesome.



As we were leaving the park a yell of joy came from the front of the van. “look a moose!”. I scrambled through my bag until I could get my camera.

As we got closer the herd of moose began to look more and more like Elk.


Oh well maybe at Yellowstone :).

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