San Diego – It gets better

Song: Take it all back – Judah & the Lion.

I travelled to San Diego by train. The further I got from LA, the more stunning the scenery. I was feeling a little guilty for not watching some lady’s bags at the train station while she went to do something (just being safe, even if it was a bit douchey). I’d told her I needed to go somewhere, had walked off with a false purpose, and then hidden in a seat on the other side of the station.

I had a vague itinerary for exploring the city, with a few goals. The things I most wanted to do were to get to Sea World, to the famous San Diego zoo, and I was also determined to try San Diego’s Mexican food (which I’d heard was great).

I spent the afternoon of my arrival just walking around. I came across this awesome statue of the famous photo where the Naval officer is kissing a nurse on Victory day over Japan.20180305_141312

Out in the waterfront sits the huge USS midway (behind the statue above) – an aircraft carrier/museum. I saw the ship dominating the waterfront and so decided to climb aboard. I was dubious that I would actually enjoy the experience, and with only an hour or two left being opened, I had to be quick. Surprisingly it was actually okay, and I would definitely recommend it to others.

I had a chilled night, and planned the next day. Now a lot of the amusement parks, and tourist activities are a bit cheaper if you buy your tickets online. So I looked up SeaWorld and found some of the discounted deals. One stood out to me instantly – a dine all day deal. That sounded amazing.

I don’t know what I was more excited about, the dine all day deal, or actual SeaWorld. Either way, to make the most of my day I arrived at the park at opening. I decided to treat myself to a fish and chip breakfast (which alone basically paid off the dine all day deal). It was a great nausea inducing start to the day.


Seaworld has had a pretty bad rap over the whole keeping orcas in small, unstimulating environments. To start up their initial population they used to go and hunt and catch wild orcas so they could be used in the parks. They then used a whale who killed a few people to breed even more. The breeding program has now stopped, which is great, but the size of the tanks is still small for such large animals.

I would recommend watching the documentary Blackfish, a documentary about orcas and the result of keeping them in captivity on Netflix. It seems absurd that people actually thought that these wild animals wouldn’t end up killing someone. Domesticated dogs kill people, let alone a giant wild animal.

I wouldn’t visit SeaWorld again. But I think it is worth visiting once. They do a lot of conservation work, which is great, but I think the whole park is a bit more aimed at children.

By the end of the day I was four meals in, feeling full, and glad I had splashed out 😉 for the meal deal. Although at this point was extremely sick of amusement park food!

I met up with a new pal and went for a drink, before checking out some of the Gas lamp quarters nightlife.

Feeling sorry for myself the next morning, I made my way out to the zoo, and had a slow day of waltzing around the park. The zoo was great, though really was no different to any other zoo I’ve visited. A zoo is a zoo. Ever since having been on an actual Safari (at the high risk of sounding like a snob) I’ve found zoos extremely disappointing. A zoo is pale in comparison to an actual safari.


I followed the zoo trip with Taco’s, cheesecake, and a good nights sleep, before boarding the flight to the Golden gate of California – San Francisco.

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