The Journey Ends – What to do in LA

I want to kind of add a bit of spice to this blog business. So from now I will put a song recommendation at the Beginning. This is a suggested song to accompany the post.

Song recommendation while reading this post – The Cranberries – Dreams (maybe the whole album).

This is by no means the end. This is just the end of the LA portion of my trip.

A new day dawned, a day which held adventures of its own, just not quite the adventures I was expecting.

I took the morning to have a bit of a wander about, see Hollywood, see the set-up for the Oscars, and to decline the kind offer of some ‘marijuana buds’ by a kind young gentleman who was probably just fundraising for a school trip or something.

Speaking of trips, so before my LA trip I had trawled through the Lonely planet like a good tourist and noticed a segment about free TV tickets, and another about a spot in the bleachers at the Oscars. Unfortunately I missed out on the lottery for a seat at the Oscars, but I did manage to nab a ticket to The Late Late Show with James Corden (sorry about the sunlight on half the car, kind of defeats the purpose of the photo).


I was super excited about going to see The Late Late Show, and it ended up being an awesome experience. Even despite the guests being unfamiliar to me (the lead vocalist for Led Zeppelin, and a model/actress whose name I can’t remember – though she seemed super cool). They made us sign something before we went that I cannot fully remember the details of, so I’m not sure how much I can say about the experience (probably everything but I will spare the boring details anyway). Suffice to say my resulting failed interaction with a guest made John Key’s awkward rugby world cup handshake look suave (I’m sure you can find the episode somewhere).

I wallowed in the awkwardness of my interaction in the Thai restaurant across the road. After my recovery meal I happened to run into a part time life coach who I spent the next thirty minutes or so chatting to. Thus my spirits were raised, and so finally after both of my recent disastrous ‘celebrity’ experiences, Dean McBreen was back!

And it was time to get some adrenaline going! So the next day I planned to hit up SixFlags Magic Mountain (only America’s greatest amusement park). Unfortunately my plans were foiled when the sky opened and the rains came. So instead I grabbed a bite at the famous Pink’s Hot Dogs, before having a look around LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art).

The following day started bad, but the rains ended early. After the drizzle had ended I managed to take a Uber up to Griffith observatory, before hitting up the famous Venice Boardwalk, and then the Santa Monica pier. There at the end of Route 66 I met up with a fellow traveler, Darien, for a beer.



The last day I spent in LA was pristine, the sun was out, the air was warm, and SixFlags was open. Now was the time to hit up some roller coasters.


As I approached the park my eyes grew wide. The roller coasters were huge. Were those people going backwards?! What had I gotten myself into? Being a seasoned roller coaster rider, having gone in every car in the Rainbow’s end roller coaster… I was crapping my pants. Okay maybe I’ll start small I said to myself. I nervously got on the most basic ride I could find.

Surprised I had survived, and with my confidence booming I was ready for the big stuff. I started to form a plan. If I start with the scariest then the others will all be child’s play. Sure thing X2, sure thing (bear in mind you’re going backwards, and spinning).

As I dismounted the ride, with shaking legs I vowed never to ride the X2 ever again.

Although my plan did work. I worked my way through the rest of the extreme thrill seeker rides, actually started to enjoy myself, and then met up again with my new friend, finally I had a pal to hang out with at an amusement park!

Though despite actually starting to enjoy myself, I still had flashes of the movie final destination running through my mind the entire day (see a clip from the movie below).

SixFlags was great! And at the very least, I did catch up on my prayers for the year (please don’t derail, please don’t derail).

Now off to San Diego!

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