The Journey Continues – How to meet a celebrity

Now this is going to make me look stupid in a number of ways, so be sure to buckle your seat belts, sit back, and enjoy my misfortune.

I always told myself that if I met someone famous that I would act super cool, and that we would be instant pals. We all think that right? Maybe not. But anyway, I’ll start from where I left off.

Disneyland (& California adventure) – check. Now for stop two – Universal studios. It was a bright sunny day, I’d slept well, and was no longer plagued by the tiredness exacerbated by Mrs. Can’t stop opening and closing her blind (see my last post). I made sure to have a hearty hostel breakfast of peanut butter on toast in the hostels ‘Tiki garden’ (if that’s not fancy then I don’t know what is), and then was on my way.

I traveled out in a Lyft (which is often cheaper than an Uber – as per my Uber driver from the previous day. Apparently it has now exploded in popularity in LA and is starting to out do Uber – I wondered whether this may be due to the fact that Uber drivers are telling their customers to use it but who knows). This time going solo was easy, I smashed all the rides, heading straight to the front of the line using my ‘single rider’ status. I also took a cheesy studio tour, watched an awesome stunt water/pyrotechnic show, and geeked out at Hogsmead (see below).

The geeking out was concluded by a nauseating Butterbeer, which was partly spat out at a neighbouring trash can. Then the journey continued. I unfortunately had to leave the park a little early, though to be fair there wasn’t that much to see at Universal (though it was still awesome). Really it was minuscule in size compared to Disneyland. I left early so I could make it in time to my next appointment – a concert for the… stars?

I had foolishly, or maybe not so foolishly? (I’ll let you judge) bought a ticket to the LA Philharmonics Oscar’s concert at the Walt Disney Concert hall (note this was not the actual Oscar’s, and yes I did know that beforehand). The show was to commemorate previous great music scores, and to play the scores nominated in this years Oscar’s. And while the old couple next to me left halfway through (probably thinking it was over) as the conductor had pretty much dropped baton and walked off the stage for the intermission without uttering so much as a word, I did stick around till the end (the second half where they actually played the nominated scores, seriously what was that couple up to), and I’m glad I did. To be honest I was drifting off a bit in the first half, and if I hadn’t stayed I would’ve definitely not got a bang for my buck as the second half was much better.

My favourite score was from the Oscar nominee winner for best picture/best musical score – The Shape of Water. Its actually a pretty good movie. In fact I watched it on the plane, awkwardly not knowing where to look during the not so subtle nude scenes, while feeling the burn of the imagined/real stares from my fellow passengers.

I overheard a few people freaking out about the presence of many of the actual conductors/composers/producers of the music at the concert. Which was cool except for the fact that I knew who none of them were.

Now speaking of famous people, and I know you’ve been dying to know what happened next, it wasn’t that bad, it was just generally a bit awkward.

So when I was a teenager there was this Youtube sensation called Bo Burnham – a comedy musician who went on to sign a deal with Comedy Central. Now I was looking out from my seat in one of the terraces and happened to notice a gentleman who looked very much like this musician sitting down near the orchestra. I couldn’t be sure but I was sort of fifty fifty that it was him. Anyway the concert soon concluded, and so I made my way out of the venue, but before I could leave I noticed this guy standing there near the entrance (the supposed musician I had spotted earlier).

I walked back and forth not knowing whether I should say something. Was it even him? Now bear in mind I used to rock out to this guys music a lot when I was a teenager, and finally seeing (maybe) him in the flesh I wanted to say something. No I won’t I thought. But then after a few more creepy vulture like semi-circles I decided to screw it and just go and see if it was him.

I walked up slowly, trying to act casual.
“Uh hey,” I said with a bit more uncertainty than I had anticipated.
“Hi?” said the man.
“Are you Bo Burnham?” I said putting my hand out for him to shake, my tone sounded a bit accusatory – like he owed me money or something. He looked a bit confused/uncertain/maybe annoyed. But he graciously took my hand and shook it.
“I just wanted to say I’m a big fan,” I gushed. I’m pretty sure I proceeded to say something like “I love your work” at this moment. I’m not sure as I think I have mentally blocked it out, because in reality who actually says stuff like that. Only me.
He thanked me, and then in true annoying fanboy style I pulled out my phone.
“Are you alright if I take a picture?”
“Yeah that’s fine,”
I got into selfie mode, and held the camera out. I noticed in the screen that he looked a bit annoyed. Now in retrospect I don’t think he actually was… Well he might of been, but he was a super nice guy so I’m going to say he probably wasn’t.

I noticed my thumb was a bit shaky over the button on the camera. I must’ve looked super nervous, but to be fair it was a pretty cold night, and I’m going to claim that it was just from that. I think he must’ve noticed it too, so in my ever gawky state I took a few pictures, the shaky thumb worsened, I mumbled something, and then took a few steps away.


I still needed a ride home. The next few minutes were spent awkwardly staring at my phone, making it look like I was hard at work on a complex equation or something, while I waited for my Lyft. You know the drill, murmur a few things, nod your head, point at something, and just in general act super interested in that little screen. I managed to avoid further eye contact for the next five minutes while he and his friends also waited for a ride, in classic ‘Dean’ style (see previous post). Luckily before long it was over, and I had time to mull over my life choices.

Now to make matters worse that’s not the only awkward celebrity encounter I have had so far on my travels. The other one has been broadcasted in a different way. But I’ll leave that one for next time.

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