The Journey Begins – Solo at Disneyland


I made the long boring flight to LA a few days ago. My body clock still suffers, exacerbated by the woman who opened and shut her blind on the plane a million times (when it was light outside! The rest of us figured that one out on try number one).

Anyway, I disembarked the flight, made it through customs, bought an obscenely priced sim card and was on my way. Well… I thought I was. Eagerly I opened Uber, ready to test out the fantastic app I had heard so much about. I typed in my address, and then waited… and waited… and was charged $5 (USD) for not showing up.

In an angry rage I flicked to the Uber site, ready to write a strongly worded email to contest this charge. I hadn’t showed up? I was bloody standing right there, exactly where I had said. I wondered whether this would be another shoe refund scenario (long story short – my pair of ‘aesthetically pleasing, yet most uncomfortable shoes I have ever worn’ were graciously refunded not long after my email).

I stopped for a second before I requested another driver. Carefully I scoured the page. Oh s**t. ‘Drivers arrive on the first floor’… I was on the ground level… probably standing right underneath my failed first Uber attempt. I made my way up, and the long trail of Uber and Lyft cars confirmed that the fault lay with me.

Defeated I made it to my hostel in Hollywood. Never again. I mean the hostel was adequate, but Hollywood is a bit of a seedy place. I took a little walk, paid for my first meal with a hefty 20% tip, then exhausted fell asleep watching TV.

I woke tired, before my alarm. Light shone in through the curtains, I had slept for hours but I was still so tired. Triumphant I could make it to Disneyland early I reached for my phone. I don’t understand. The clock read 0130. I inched open the curtain, the light from the streetlamp outside stung my eyes. The dark backdrop of the night sky confirmed midnight. Great.

Attempt number two was a success. Excited for the day ahead I wandered down to Starbucks for a morning coffee (see below).


I made it out to Disneyland in an Uber – where in classic LA style, the driver also was a part time actor trying to make it big in Hollywood. My solo trip to Disneyland had begun! Initially I felt a bit awkward and self conscious about being at Disneyland alone, but this quickly faded as I took advantage of the Single rider lines, and jumped far ahead in the queue for some of the best rides.


The day drew to a close, and I made the mistake of going on the Grizzly river run as the sun began to set. This was followed by regret as I became soaked in freezing cold water. I left the park cold and shivering, making my way over the road to a Denny’s diner where I could warm up and grab something to eat. I was greeted with an over sweet hot chocolate and horrible all day breakfast sandwich. No more Denny’s for me. I hailed an Uber (with heated seats!) and headed home.

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